The ADC is happy to present Storyboarding for Television Animation and Direct to DVD Feature. Students will be given the opportunity to develop original storyboard sequences utilizing the latest Toon Boom Storyboard Pro software. 


The program will be six weeks in duration meeting once-per-week. Students who complete the program will be given expert level training and a certification from the instructor.


Classes are open to students who are a beginner and advanced, each session is one on one and via video conference. Please visit our Sign-Up tab above if you are interested in taking this exciting course!

Certification Process
Students enrolled in the six-week program will be given extensive training in both storyboarding mechanics and software proficiency. Once the students have performed up to the standard required from Toon Boom and ADC. Each student will next be presented with a PDF certificate which can be included when applying for work in the Television animation industry. 

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