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"Empowering Your Creative Journey: Our Mission Statement for Class"

At the ADC, we take pride in offering a comprehensive and fully online Storyboarding Program that caters to both beginners and advanced learners. As the safety of our students is our top priority, we keep our class sizes small and intimate to ensure each individual receives the utmost attention and quality education that they deserve.

Our team of expert instructors boasts a minimum of 20 years of professional experience in their respective fields, providing students with the opportunity to learn from the best in the business. Throughout the program, students will gain valuable "On The Job Skills" such as Animatic Editing, Extractions/Merging, 3D Camera, and advanced Storyboard revision techniques.

Moreover, our program emphasizes the development of key storytelling skills, including Composition, Shot-Structure, Camera Angles, Cutting Patterns, and much more.


With each sequence, students will receive live instructor critiques and detailed feedback on the subjects mentioned above, enabling them to grow and thrive as artists.

Join us at the ADC, and unlock your full potential as a storyboard artist today!

Certification Process

Upon successful completion of the six-week program, students who meet or exceed the instructor's expectations will receive a formal certificate of completion. It is mandatory for students to attend all sessions and complete all weekly assignments. Additionally, each sequence must be submitted as a fully-timed animatic and a comprehensive PDF printable sequence.

Cosmic Boy & Toast Pilot Episode All Characters Property ADC School Online

Student C. Aaron Kreader Class Review

Andres Alvarez does a masterful job at mentoring the storyboard process with his students. I entered the class with an introductory level knowledge of storyboarding. However, Andres did an outstanding job at providing the next levels required for each student to progress in the vast and complex art of storyboarding.


Breaking down the steps, listening to his students, and putting in a generous amount of attention, time, and sincere interest in the growth of his students all make this a unique experience. I highly recommend this class to those looking to progress their understanding of Toon Boom storyboard pro, the art of storyboarding, and the specific application of those skills to the world of animated TV and streaming series storyboarding.


In a jam-packed set of classes, I grew as an artist, connected with the other students, and found a genuine mentor and guide who left me excited and thrilled to take the next steps in my growth as a story artist. TAKE THIS CLASS NOW!

Student C. Aaron Storyboard Class Sequence

Student Kristine Petilla Class Review

Originally, I was an artist who recently graduated from art school where I learned the principles of animation and storyboard. I met Andres Alvarez during one of the events at Creative Talent Network (CTN). When I showed my portfolio, Andres was impressed and saw my potential, so he recommended me to take his class. Once I took the storyboard class, it helped me develop further my storyboard skills and growth as an artist. 


During each session, you will learn how to use Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, a program used often for television animation and streaming. Storyboard Pro is an application that artists can use, especially those with experience in Adobe Photoshop and Toon Boom Animation. You will be taught the basics of the program such as creating scenes and panels. As you learn more on Storyboard Pro, you will also learn more on the fundamentals of storyboard such as clarity, camera shots, and layout composition. Putting together your new skills and knowledge of Storyboard Pro are used to create an impressive animatic for the whole world to see. Storyboard Pro is the essential program for all board artists, both professional and amateur.

Student Kristine Petilla Storyboard Class Sequence

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