Storyboarding Classes Online

The ADC is happy to offer our Storyboarding Program to both beginner and advanced students. The program is taught entirely online for your COVID safety we keep our class sizes small and intimate to give each student the maximum quality and attention they deserve when studying at the ADC. 


All instructors at the ADC will have a minimum of 20 years of professional experience in their respective fields. The Storyboard Program will have students learn valuable "On The Job Skills" such as but not limited to Animatic Editing, Extractions/Merging, 3D Camera, and advanced Storyboard revision techniques.  


In addition to excellent technical skills students will also learn a variety of Storytelling skills such as but not limited to Composition, Shot-Structure, Camera Angles, Cutting Patterns, and much more. All sequences will be given live instructor critiques and detailed feedback on the subjects listed above.

Certification Process
Students looking to attain a Certification in Storyboard Pro V20 will need to complete the full six-week curriculum in full. Once the student has demonstrated an above-average knowledge and execution of the assignments given by the instructor the student will then be given the Certification.