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Son of Zorn Animation Reel

General Mills Cereal Commercial

"Defining Our Purpose: The Mission Statement of Our Class"

The ADC's Animation Program is a unique opportunity for aspiring animators, whether you're a beginner or an advanced student.


Our online classes are designed to provide you with the highest quality education while ensuring your safety during these challenging times. With small class sizes, you'll receive individual attention and expert guidance from our experienced instructor, James Dylan Crowley, who boasts over 20 years of professional experience in 2D animation for both television and streaming.

Over the six-week course, you'll dive deep into Adobe Animate software, enhancing your animation skills and mastering advanced techniques such as character rigging and mouth charts for character dialog. Our curriculum is tailored to make the learning process enjoyable and accessible for all levels of animators, allowing you to develop a strong foundation in 2D animation fundamentals while also honing your advanced skills.


Join us at the ADC and let's bring your animation dreams to life!

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