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Fairly Odd Parents Character Rotation Nickelodeon

Crafting Our Educational Purpose: The Mission Statement of Our Class

Character Design for Streaming is an empowering class that equips both aspiring and seasoned artists with the essential tools needed to thrive in the competitive Animation and Streaming industries.


In this six-week program, students will delve into the fundamentals of Character Design, exploring key topics such as Rotations, Shape Design, Anatomy, Line Work, and Color theory. 

Beyond technical skills, this class encourages students to unleash their creativity and develop original properties, while also teaching them how to navigate the rigorous studio testing process. Aspiring professionals must pass a studio test to enter the industry, and this class prepares students to excel in these tests while helping them build a compelling portfolio.


Join us in this transformative journey toward becoming a successful and sought-after character designer in the dynamic world of streaming media.

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