Jose D. Hernandez

Student Jose Hernandez exemplifies all the qualities the ADC looks for in a student. His skill set included Character Design, Background Layout, and also a veteran of the ADC storyboard program. His experience professionally has included The Simpsons, Generator Rex, Deadliest Warrior, Twinkle Toes Skechers, and now Dreamworks Television. We are so excited to see what's next for Jose's career!

John Dunn

Student John Dunn came to the ADC through his good friend Jose Hernandez who recommended our program when they were attending Cal State Northridge. Soon after joining our program we realized the great talent and dedication John shows to his craft as a Character Designer and Animator. His experience professionally has included Marvel Avengers, Deadliest Warrior, LaLa Loopsy, and Twinkle Toes for Skechers. We are so excited to see what's next for John's career!

Niko Pope

Student Niko Pope was one of the first students from the early days of the ADC back in the Southbay. He immediately showed his unique style and creative point of view and is one of the most original students to ever be a part of our program. He continued his studies earning a degree from Academy of Art University. His professional experience includes Fever Dream Arachnid Games, Seeds of Destruction SyFy, Ballpoint Universe Arachnid Games, and Nerd the Movie AVGN. We are so excited to see what's next in Niko's career!

Karina McBeth

Student Karina McBeth was also one of the original Southbay Students. We had the pleasure of working with her when she was still in high school, it was obvious she would be a top level student with any project she was presented with. Her professional credits include The Angry Birds Movie for Rovio Animation. We are so excited to see what's next for Karina's career!

Delaney Januzzi

Student Delaney Januzzi was a truly gifted student when she came to study in our Character Design program. She immediately had an incredible imagination and excelled on all her assignments and soon gained admittance to the prestigious Cal Arts program in Valencia California. We eagerly await her jump into professional animation career and know she will be an artist to remember.

Kim Hazel

Kim was one of the original students in the ADC back in the South Bay. We are so proud to see her doing incredible things as a 3D animator for Walt Disney Feature Animation and Sony Pictures! 

Lynn Barzola

One of the original students from the ADC in the South Bay. Lynn has proved to be a truly gifted artist and designer. She spent time developing Graphic Signage for Whole Foods Supermarkets and easily juggled various themes visually. She now works at Wild Canary Animation and we here at the ADC know she will be making an incredible mark in the industry!