November 22, 2020, marks the premiere of Cosmic Boy & Toast! A full Storyboard Animatic cartoon please feel free to view the video below and don't forget to rate, subscribe, and comment on the episode!


Welcome to the ADC. We specialize in

Pre-Production skills in Storyboarding and Character Design, our classes are 100% online for your convenience and safety. 


Please join us on Facebook with our private Storyboarding Group called the "Storyboard Hit Squad". The best and brightest storyboard artist in Los Angeles and around the globe meet there to share ideas and connect.

Greetings all! The ADC would like to introduce a new YouTube series called "Sketch Series". ADC Founder and President Andres Alvarez takes you on a visual adventure! He explores design techniques and overall industry advice from his

A 19-year career in Television Animation!


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